Supervisory Board (SB)

The SB is responsible for the proper execution of FINESSE. It consists of one representative:

  • of each Beneficiary
  • of each Partner Organisations
  • of two ESRs (elected among them)
  • external members


Specific roles for ‘horizontal’ tasks in FINESSE

Network Coordinator (NC): Prof. Luc Thévenaz (EPFL)

The Network Coordinator is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Beneficiaries and the Funding Authority. The Coordinator, in addition to its responsibilities as a Beneficiary, performs the tasks assigned to him as described in the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement.

He will be assisted by six other coordinators, appointed in the SB to ensure a smooth functioning of the network. Each will be responsible for one specific project’s component and will regularly report to the NC and SB: